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Women’s Perspective will design a program that meets your organization or group’s unique needs and time frame – half-day, full day or weekend. Our program format is interactive, informative, stimulating and inspirational.

Women, Money and Spirituality is the basic workshop of Women’s Perspective programs
Putting Your Spiritual Values into Financial Practice includes exercises, discussion, storytelling, journaling, teaching sessions and writing a money autobiography to help each participant examine the role money plays in her life.

In addition to Women, Money and Spirituality, we offer other workshops on:

  • Financial Facts for Women
  • A Money Journey: Life, Money, Values
  • Money and Relationships
  • Currency of the Spirit
  • Money, Career and Self-esteem

To schedule an event for your group, call Rosemary at 203-243-2238 or email info@womensperspective.org

Financial Literacy for Women with limited experience in managing money, learn basic financial skills, set goals, and discover that they can take steps to make their dreams come true.  This program has been offered to immigrant women in Bridgeport, CT and Chicago, IL.

To bring  this program to your area, call us  203-243-2238 or email us info@womensperspective.org  

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