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Currency of the Heart

The Woman’s Book of Money & Spiritual Vision

Money and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. There is a spiritual dimension to money that can be tapped for your benefit—and for the wider world as well.This is a book about awareness, acceptance, and action. It starts with understanding your personal financial facts and uncovering the feelings that these facts bring up. It continues by focusing on how to create alignment between your personal financial picture and your core values. Whether your funds are significant or minimal, reading The Woman’s Book of Money & Spiritual Vision can be a transformative experience.

Money enters into our deepest relationships: those between spouses, lovers, and life-long friends, between siblings, or parents and children. Money is part and parcel of family and communal life, and hence many of us know well the strain that financial difficulties, and even financial success, can put on our relationships. So how do we make both the big and little decisions that connect our finances and family? Moreover, how do we do so in ways that are all at once good financially, good for our relationships, and good for ourselves?


Zoom conversations, workshops and retreats offer a new awareness of the way our daily economic decisions reflect our values and affect our lives and our families. Transformational travel and in person events will be offered again when possible.

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Currency of the Heart

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